Best Practice in B2B Ecommerce: The Grainger Story
: How Grainger transformed its approach to ecommerce

It’s no secret that many companies struggle with the concept of B2B e-commerce. According to Intershop’s 2013 Ecommerce Report, 96 percent of B2B brands find it hard to provide intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, while almost half believe it’s difficult to manage complex organisational structures such as different user roles and multiple business models, touchpoints and data domains. So what’s the solution? One firm that thinks it knows is $9 billion industrial supply company Grainger, which has embraced the B2B ecommerce challenge and won plaudits for its approach. MeetTheBoss TV’s Ben Thompson met with Paul Miller, the firm’s VP for Ecommerce, to find out how he is responding to higher customer expectations in the B2B space.