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How Kelly Ripa’s Walk-Out Brought Workplace Respect In-Focus

by Carla Curtsinger
kelly michael

In the space of 24 hours, talk show host Kelly Ripa’s name went from being synonymous with bubbly morning fun to going AWOL from work. “Don’t go all Kelly Ripa on me,” a radio show announcer quipped a few days after Michael Strahan, co-host on Live with Kelly and Michael, blindsided her with the announcement ...

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The problem with data analytics

by Adam Burns
Can a committee ever create anything awesome?

Data analytics is great for iterative evolution. But can a committee ever create anything awesome? According to, “data analytics is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information. Data analytics is used in many industries to allow companies and organisations to make better business decisions.” The tech ...

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Challenges faced by the Telecoms Industry in Africa…

by Georgia Scobie

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Pretoria, one of South Africa’s three capital cities for our annual NG Telecoms Africa Summit. Now, I have been to a couple of Telecom summits before, but the conversations across this one felt a little obsolete… Africa’s experience of telecoms is somewhat hindered, something which is especially noticeable ...

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Real Time Security Intelligence: an analyst’s view

by Ivan Niccolai

Advanced persistent threats have evolved significantly, as has the well-funded intelligence behind them. An approach to security by prevention and ‘default deny’ alone is not sufficient, you need the security trifecta: prevention, detection, response. Real Time Security Intelligence can help. The excellent Next Generation Security Summit, hosted at the Fairmont in St. Andrews, Scotland on ...

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Why the CISO is changing: lessons from a security summit

by Ben Thompson
Businessman and business sketch

What keeps the modern CISO up at night? Clue: it’s not what you might think. Today’s threat environment is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The sheer volume of attacks that take place every day, the variety of forms those attacks take, the number of different entry points they can target and the increasing criticality ...

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Information rights management: an analyst’s view

by Alexei Balaganski
Information rights management

Your digital assets are growing exponentially, and the need to access them, any time from any place, across various devices and platforms, has become a critical success factor. Information rights management is no longer a critical IT issue, it’s a critical business issue. To stay competitive, modern businesses must be increasingly connected to their employees, ...

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Can you achieve the same emotional brand connection in the digital era?

by Sasha Qadri

Last week I was at a very interesting event which brought together senior marketers from all industries and focused on the digital marketing journey. Amongst all the fascinating speakers and discussions, a particular topic struck a chord. The keynote speaker Amanda Rendle, former global head of marketing at HSBC was talking about how marketing campaigns ...

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#CustomerExperience – Are you getting it right?

by Georgia Scobie
An upset customer has left a messy message for the poor service rendered.

Picture this: It’s July and you’re about to jet off on that holiday you’ve been saving for all year. Finally you’re in the airport, dreaming about stepping off the plane into the scorching sun. Everything is wonderful, until… “Flight 303 to Bali is delayed by approximately 3 hours, please remain in the waiting area until ...

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The case for green fracking

by Carla Curtsinger

One of the most divisive issues in the oil and gas industry today is hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Not everyone may know what fracking is, but most people have heard the word thrown around in the media. Environmentalists have led a public outcry against the practice, with celebrities like Oscar-nominated actor Mark Ruffalo adding star power to the ...

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Health, Safety, & Environment – what the experts are saying

by Shannon Kelly

As a young professional who takes public transportation every day to work, it is very important to me that I get to work and back home safely on a daily basis. I also frequently travel to all our GDS summits. Sally Librera, VP of Subway Operations Support at MTA New York City Transit presented at ...

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